Nao Racing Player NRP F1

For lovers Formula 1, we present the NOA RACING PLAYER F1 a simulator robust and capable of transmitting the best sensations of driving a formulated.

With the NAO RACING PLAYER F1 we have tried to create a cockpit that can be assimilated as a F1, with a robust and durable construction and low cost.

Lovers F1 and have the opportunity to take home their own simulator, where they spend all the time you want to experience speed in a comfortable cockpit and appropriate dimensions for handling and storage.

NAO RACING PLAYER F1 is made from 2mm steel and professional paint system, mind is totally dismantled for transport and handling.

from 649 €



The NAO RACING PLAYER F1 includes the seat Because NRP R with longitudinally adjustable sliding seat.


Seat includes measures.

Length 1750mm, Ancho 470mm, 900mm high.

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