NaoRacing Player N1 BLACK

We present the car or cockpit simulator NAO RACING PLAYER N1 BLACK, the first simulator built completely of high quality aluminum and professional paint system.

The NAO RACING PLAYER N1 BLACK is the first fully integrated simulator , Fully configured is for the steering wheel and pedals Logitech G27. But is compatible with most steering wheels and pedals on the market.

With the NAO RACING PLAYER N1 BLACK, experience the feeling of driving a race car on any platform such as Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport, IRacing and many more.

from 1095 €


The NAO RACING PLAYER N1 BLACK comes adapted with support for various consoles, LCD includes support ranging from 19 "to 52".

Longitudinally adjustable seat slider. Armchair available in two models NRP Seat R y NRP Seat F.


  • Measures includes the seat bracket but no TV or LCD.
  • Length 1370mm, Ancho 580mm, 1100mm high.
  • Weight 28 kg



  • Primer
  • Painting Acrylic Polyurethane single layer of 2 components.
  • Catalyst Acrylic.


  • Vibration and sound system installed in the seat, synchronized with the program or game.

Si parent, electricity N1 G27 steering wheel with longitech, includes:

  • Complete assembly of all our manufactures electronic systems,(wheel, pedals, shift lever, vibration and sound system).
  • No manuals or installation needs, just get on and enjoy the ride.
  • Supports weight up 160 kg.
  • Supports heights up 220 cm.
  • Suitable for ages 8 years old.


  • Recliner.
  • Made with steel.
  • Displacement guides.

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